Right Field Facade

In stadium visible signs on the edge of the Coca Cola Corner in right field fair or foul territory available as individual placements or full takeover

  • Dimensions
    • Fair: 5'9" x 52'3"
    • Foul: 5'9" x 60'6"

Home Plate Rotational

Brand block signage directly behind home plate that provides significant TV visibility in home and visiting markets available as individual placements or full takeover for full-season or flighted business in 20-game increments

  • Dimensions
    • Left: 27'6” x 114'10.5”
    • Right: 29” x 53'9”

Bullpen Branding

Branding takeover of the Mets and visiting in stadium bullpens that are TV visible during all shots of the area and from the Bullpen Gate and Plaza

1st & 3rd Rotational

Brand block signage along the 1st and 3rd baselines available for full-season or flighted business in 20-game increments

Left Field LEDs

LED boards above left field that provide dynamic in stadium messaging and TV visibility available as individual placements or full takeover for full-season or flighted business in 20-game increments

Deck Extension

In stadium visible left field deck extension branding on the edge of the M&M's Sweet Seats

  • Dimensions: 7'8" x 23'

Citi Vision Exposure

:30 second Citi Vision commercial spot before every Mets home game

Citi Vision Sponsor for one (1) half inning per game at every Mets home game that includes:

  • :10 second Citi Vision commercial spot and LED takeover leading into half inning
  • Logo bug in the corner of Citi Vision during play

:60 second interactive feature on Citi Vision during one (1) half inning break at every Mets home game

Concourse Dioramas

Backlit dioramas strategically placed through the ballpark in highly trafficed and fan visible areas

Arena Media

Utilize 350+ screens around Citi Field for 2:30 of media exposure every Mets game with L-style static branding and :30 commercial spots between innings and during play stoppage

Publications Ads

Mets Yearbook (1 per season): the Yearbook is an annual publication complete with photos and stories about the team's players and history

Mets Magazine (3 per season): the Magazine is filled with the game-day programs as well as current features and a scorecard

Opportunity for full or half page color or black and white advertisements in all publications

Promotional Giveaway

Opportunity to sponsor a promotional giveaway item given to fans as they enter Citi Field

Sponsor branding included on all promotional advertisements related to the giveaway

Light Tower Sign

Permanent TV visible static signage placement over looking Left Field

  • Dimensions: 32'6" x 32'6"

Celebrity Row Seats

Presenting Partner of Celebrity Row Seats at Citi Field with front row seat branding for celebrities attending Mets games

Weight Room

Naming rights partner with branding takeover opportunities in the home and visiting clubhouses' weight rooms

Entrance Naming Rights

Opportunity to own naming rights to various Citi Field entrances:

  • Bullpen Gate
  • Right Field Gate
  • Left Field Gate

Extra Innings

Opportunity for a rotational branding takeover during extra innings play

Takeover includes:

  • Home plate takeover 
  • LED takeover
  • Baseline rotationals

Coca Cola Corner

Opportunity to have a large presence on the Coca Cola Corner with branding and activation spaces throughout the game with fan giveaways on site

Pup Parade

Presenting Partner of the Pre-game Pup Parade and Best of Show contest on the warning track at Citi Field, including LED and Citi Vision presence

In-Game Trigger Sponsorship

Sponsor select baseball plays such as:

  • 1-2-3 quick inning
  • Big Inning (4 or more runs in one inning)

Coach's Challenge

  • In-ballpark LED takeover
  • Citi Vision bug
  • Headset/equipment branding?
  • Packaged with SNY if available
  • Digital/social/SNY content giving a behind-the-scenes look of the decision-making process for coach’s challenges

Player of the Year Awards

Mets annual Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year awards presented by_____

  • Awards announced via Mets press release
  • Winners presented _____ gift in a pre-game ceremony
  • Clubhouse wall leading to Mets locker room displaying previous _______ Player of the Year award winners
  • Additional branding in the Visitor's Clubhouse

Homeplate Doors

New placement in 2017

Static signs visible for duration of entire game on both first base and third base doors

Significant television exposure

Rate Card:
$300,000 (Full Season)


Foul Territory Wall

Foul territory outfield wall branding

Home Plate Lounge

  • Lounge entitlement and product integration
    • Accessible by 402 highest-end seats
  • Permanent TV-visible branding
    • More exposure than any sign in MLB
    • Impressions: 1.65 billion
    • 100% Media Equivalency: $80.8 million

Parking Lots

Exclusive naming rights partner of all Citi Field parking lots that includes:

  • Naming Rights individually and as a whole
  • Branding opportunities through the parking lots
  • Potential for experiential activations

Aux Board

Static signage placement on the back of the auxiliary scoreboard, one of three largest highway visible signs in all of New York, with exposure to the Van Wyck and Whitestone Expressways 

  • Over 11M impressions annually 

Dimensions: 72'6" x 157'4"

Marquee Board

Highway-facing marquee board at exit 25A off the Whitestone & Van Wyck Expressways at Citi Field

  • 52’ x 40’
  • Double Sided
    • Facing west to traffic towards Long Island and east to traffic towards Manhattan 
  • Approximately 19 million+ impressions annually
  • Automatic live-updating capabilities (i.e., weather report, countdown, scoreboard, triggered ad, etc.)

Highway-facing Marquee Board

Highway-facing Sign

Market Week

For Market Week, Armitron transformed Citi Field's Honda Clubhouse into a private event space to host 100+ clients, members of the press, and other guests, such as, Mets wives, Talk Stoop host, Cat Greenleaf, and veteran, motivational speaker, TV celebrity, and Armitron ambassador, Noah Galloway

The event had extended social media exposure on the official New York Mets Twitter handle and there was a community initiative that donated 50% of proceeds from Armitron.com purchases to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Short Form Content

The Mets will create shareable partner content that can live in stadium and on social and digital outlets such as:

  • Citi Vision Board
  • Mets.com
  • Mets Social Media
  • SNY.TV
  • SNY Broadcasts

Fantasy Camp

Opportunity to participate in Mets Fantasy Camp in Port St. Lucie, Florida, a week-long experience playing along side Mets legends at the Mets Spring Training facility, First Data Field

VIP Experiences

VIP access to premium experiences at Citi Field such as press conference access, batting practice passes, first pitch opportunities, alumni, players, and Mr. Met appearances, and stadium tours


Ticket Bank

  • Bank of tickets to utilize during the season to host clients, executives, or staff in various locations and hospitality areas around the ballpark

Suite Nights

  • Utilize a Porsche or Party Suite to host clients, executives, or staff with a unique Mets experience

Starting Lineup

Create a comprehensive partnership platform at Citi Field and on digital channels tied to the Mets Starting Lineups, including:

  • Static Lineup Cards in the Main Rotunda
  • Lineup Card Delivery with Mickey Callaway
  • MLBAM Extension
    • One (1) social media post per game (home & away - 162 games total) 
    • Digital rights to marks and logos
    • In-Ballpark Starting Lineup PA

    Kids Club

    Presenting Partner of the Mets Kids Club throughout the 2019 season which includes:

    • Sponsoring various giveaway items distributed to members of the Kids Club
    • Access to over 9,000 Kids Club members to provide special offers
    • Ability to activate from the Kids Club Kiosk during every game
    • Branding on the Kiosk for all games
    • Logo inclusion on Kids Club prizes (player autographed cards, hats, t-shirts, and jerseys)

    Junior Mets Clinic

    Presenting Partner of the Junior Mets Clinics at Citi Field throughout the 2019 season which includes:

    • Mets players and coaches running hitting, fielding, and pitching drills with children
    • Access to the clubhouse, outfield, and bullpen
    • LED branding takeover of the stadium
    • Branding on t-shirts and participant giveaways
    • Inclusion on all promotional efforts

    Fireworks Nights

    Presenting Partner of Fireworks Night on select Saturdays at Citi Field with:

    • Dimmed LED branding throughout the show
    • Sweepstakes to push the button on-field to start the show
    • Select number of clients or employees having the opportunity to watch from the field

    Total Media Value = $751,182

    7th Inning Stretch

    Presenting Partner of the :60 second 7th Inning Stretch feature that plays during every Mets home game with Citi Vision exposure and LED takeover

    Mets on the Move

    Presenting Partner of the Mets on the Move health and wellness initiative that gives children a fun way to learn about fitness through a Mets inspired curriculum provided by Mets team staff

    Rosario's Kids

    Presenting Partner of Rosario's Kids, a youth enrichment program before select games for local foster and undersevered children, throughout the 2019 season which includes:

    • Inclusion on all promotional efforts
    • Designated ballpark events (fan fest usage, batting practice, meet and greet, tickets, etc.) 
    • LED branding takeover of the stadium
    • Branding on t-shirts and participant giveaways
    • Community Clipboard coverage (in-ballpark, online, and via Mets social channels)
    • Pre-game donation check presentation

    On-Site Activation

    Opportunity to set up activation areas on Mets Plaza and the Field Level Concourse

    • 75% of fans pass through Mets Plaza each game
    • Can mirror or extend on each other and be the same dates or different dates scheduled throughout season
    • Extended opportunities for interactive experiences, offer enter-to-win chances, fan information capture, etc.

    Hydration Kid

    Bring one kid each game the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to greet a player as they're running off the field

    Summer in the Citi

    Formerly known as the Welcome Home Dinner, the 1st annual Mets Foundation's Summer in the Citi will take place at Citi Field on Wednesday, June 12, which will include:

    • The entire Mets roster and front office
    • Cocktail hour around the warning track, featuring food, drinks, and photo stations
    • Dinner in the Foxwoods Club with a laid back atmosphere and food and service that reflects that
    • Mets players and special guest game show
    • And a BANG feature to end the evening

    Retail Promotion: King's Hawaiian

    Objective: Drive sales at retail locations

    Solution: Utilize Mets logos, consumer sweepstakes, and employee sales contest


    • Among Mets fans from 2014 to 2015, King's Hawaiian experienced a:
      • 42% increase in penetration rate
      • 43% increase in buy rate
    • In 2015, Mets fans spent 43% more on King's Hawaiian products than the market average

    Retail Promotion: Coca Cola

    Objective: Drive sales at retail locations

    Solution: Utilize Mets logos on products to promote Coca Cola sales


    • Sales increase in key supermarket segments
      • 12 packs sales grew by 7% 
      • 1 liter bottles sales grew by 13%
      • 12oz 8 packs sales grew by 11%

    Short Form Content: Amazin' Life Season 1

    Objective: Connect Mets fans with Coca Cola in an innovative way

    Solution: "The Amazin' Life," a 10 episode content series starring Mets Pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, posted to Mets Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 


    • Total video views across all platforms: 1,898,565
    • Total impressions across all platforms: 9,445,356
    • Total engagements across all platforms: 534,448

    Short Form Content: Amazin' Life Season 2

    Objective: Connect Mets fans with Coca Cola in an innovative way

    Solution: "The Amazin' Life," a 6 episode content series starring Mets broadcasters, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, posted to Mets Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


    • Total video views across all platforms: 1,022,071
    • Total impressions across all platforms: 5,352,099

    Brand Recognition: Honda

    Objective: Increase brand exposure and the number of Mets fans buying Hondas

    Solution: Honda Clubhouse, LED, concourse TV, half inning sponsorship, and 1st and 3rd baseline rotational branding and promotional day 


    • 3 hours of TV exposure and $5M of media value in 2016
    • 30% increase in Mets fans who own a Honda
      • 2014: 819,123
      • 2016: 1,061,536

    Brand Recognition: GEICO

    Objective: Increase brand exposure and the number of Mets fans using GEICO

    Solution: LEDs, home plate rotational, outfield wall, and light tower branding


    • 13 hours of TV exposure and $23M of media value in 2016
    • Top 5 preforming outfield wall sign in MLB
    • 92% increase in Mets Fans using GEICO
      • 2009: 619,192
      • 2016: 1,189,534
    • Mets attendees are 26% more likely to use GEICO as their auto insurance provider than the average New Yorker

    Trigger Promotion: SUBWAY

    Objective: Increase product exposure through in-game promotions

    Solution: Text program, with exposure on the K-board and LEDs around the stadium, where fans get a free 6" sub with the purchase of any sub when the Mets strikeout their opponent 10 times


    • Promotion activated at 53% of games (44 of 81):
      • 2.25M impressions
      • 41,276 offer opt-ins 
      • 3.5% opt-in rate
      • 6,476 offers redeemed
      • 15.8% offer redemption rate

    Community Initiatives: Coca Cola

    Objective: Target multicultural demographic through partnership with the Mets 

    Solution: Created a Coca-Cola/Mets themed float hosted by Mr. Met that appeared in both the Puerto Rican and Dominican Day Parades


    • 100,000 participants in the 2016 Puerto Rican Day Parade, with about 1.5M spectators

    Lead Generation: Newsday

    Objective: Increase subscriptions in New York

    Solution: Using two prominent tabling locations at Citi Field, Newsday could reach a majority of Mets fans who attend games


    • Newsday saw a 7% increase in newspaper subscriptions from 2015 to 2016 

    In-Stadium Promotion

    1-800 Flowers

    GEICO Stolen Base Challenge

    Sweepstakes: Porsche/Delta

    One (1) month sweepstakes with 4,040 entries directly converted to 30 Porsche sales

    Two (2) sweepstakes winners, plus one (1) guest each received: 

    • Airfare to/from Atlanta
    • Hotel and meal accommodations 
    • Drive at Porsche Experience Center
    • Batting Practice passes and tickets to the Mets v. Braves game on 9/16
    • Mets gift bag

    Augmented Reality Giveaway: Coca Cola

    Objective: Use augmented reality technology to engage fans through their mobile devices

    Solution: Branded AR cards, compatible to the Ballpark App AR viewer, allowed fans to make the home run apple come to life and watch highlight reels of Mets home runs distributed to fans Sept. 25-27, 2017

    Trail: M-ND

    Objective: Organically engage fans at Citi Field on Family Sundays

    Solution: Trial with M-ND on Sunday, Sept. 24th, with social media kiosks and backpacks allowing fans to take and post pictures using a hashtag


    • Game attendance: 17,112
    • Engagement rate: 7.73%
      • 881 photos shared
      • 1,463 photos printed
      • 59,426 social media engagements

    Creating Brand Awareness: Delta Air Lines

    Objective: Own New York

    Solution: Increase visibility at Citi Field through TV visible signage, promotional items, and community engagement events


    • Awareness is 39% higher for Delta's partnership with the Mets than any other New York sports partnerships
    • Mets fans are 250% more likely than non-Mets fans to prefer flying Delta over any other airline
    • The percentage of Mets fans who prefer to fly Delta has increased by 88% from 2016 to 2017 

    Marks and Rights in Market: Jim Beam

    Objective: Increase awareness of Jim Beam's partnership with the Mets

    Solution: Create co-branded Jim Beam, Effen, and Maker's Mark bottles that can be sold at the ballpark and off-premise locations

    Community Relations Initiatives

    Konica and WellCare Jr. Mets

    On-site Activation

    Coca Cola Corner

    Reaching Premium Customers


    B2B Marketing


    Engaging Families

    Citi Mr. Met Dash Activation

    Branded Content Opportunity

    What does it take to be in the Majors? What does it take to be a New York Met? What does it take… to be Amazin’?All these Mets-related questions and more are answered in SNY’s segment The Amazin’ Life.  The show goes behind the scenes with your favorite Mets unveiling what it takes to live in the baseball world.

    • The Amazin’ Life has become a viral sensation across SNY’s digital platforms since it’s inception in 2016. The segment has featured Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, Brandon Nimmo, and Todd Frazier. These episodes and the many more to come are hosted on MetsBlog and shared across all SNY and Mets social media platforms gaining significant exposure through more than 2 million video plays.

    Toyota Fan Flyaway Sweepstakes

    Toyota's Fan Flyaway Sweepstakes offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mets fans to win a trip to Universal Orlando Resort

    • Total entries: 2,617
    • Facebook Total Reach: 39,542
    • Facebook Impressions: 49,996
    • Twitter Impressions: 22,927

    Showcase BodyFriend Fan Zone

    In conjunction with Bodyfriend's activation at Citi Field, SNY will use it's camera crew to showcase the Bodyfriend display in the Porsche Grille for Mets fans watching the broadcast. 

    This segment will bring awareness to the Bodyfriend Fan Zone and alert fans to visit the lounge the next time they visit the ballpark.

    In-Game Game Flow Branding

    In an effort to bring awareness and exposure to Bodyfriend, SNY will run game flows during live action within Mets games to promote the product.

    7th Inning Update Feature

    SNY is excited to offer Bodyfriend the exclusive sponsorship of the 7th Inning Update, one of the few exclusive features that SNY has available. Every game features an update of a relevant out of town game during the 7th inning when the Mets broadcast booth cuts back to the studio for a live look in on another game.

    When SNY cuts back to the studio, the anchor in the studio will be sitting in a Bodyfriend chair while doing the segment.

    Sponsorship of this feature includes Bodyfriend's logo on screen and audio accompaniment "This 7th Inning Update is brought to you by Bodyfriend."

    Product Placement in Studio

    Bodyfriend will have the opportunity for product placement within SNY's studios where SNY's talent will sit in a Bodyfriend chair and organically promote the product.

    Throughout a Mets broadcast (Pre-Game, In-Game & Post-Game), there are many opportunities to include the Bodyfriend chair using SNY's talent on air in a creative way. 

    Ordered vs. Delivered with SNY

    • <Insert a Thank You and Details Here>

    2019 SNY.tv Overview

    SNY.tv provides its audience with the most exclusive coverage of NY Sports teams 24/7.  For Mets fans, the site is the ultimate destination for coverage including:

    • 129 exclusive regular season & 11 spring training games with 1,500 exclusive hours of Mets content annually
    • Authenticated streaming for live game broadcasts along with pre- and post-game shows
    • 192,000 households in the NY DMA tuned in nightly during the 2017 season to watch SNY’s live Mets games


    SNY.tv UVs Avg. Time Spent PVs
    Total (Desktop& Mobile) 1.3M 4.2 min 10M
    Growth vs. 2017 +27% +2% +24%


    MetsBlog UVs Visits PVs
    Monthly (Desktop/Mobile) 500K 1.4M



    SNY Streaming UVs Total Live Mins Avg Mins Viewed
    Total 1M 936K 1.5M
    Per Game 10K ~20K 50



    2019 SNY Overview

    SNY is the home of Mets, Jets, and All Things New York Sports.  Providing the most comprehensive sports coverage, the regional sports network has made great strides in the industry including:

    • Exclusive TV Home of the New York Mets, the 2nd most watched baseball RSN in the country
    • Recently debuted expansive state-of-the-art studio facility at 4 World Trade Center featuring 360-degree views of New York
    • The only RSN in the New York market with a 24/7 news operation
    • 7.4 Million Homes in the SNY Territory
    • 11 Million Homes including national distribution

    The network has a dominant presence in the baseball industry as well by distributing:

    • 129 exclusive regular season & 11 spring training games with 1,500 exclusive hours of Mets content annually 
    • Authenticated streaming for live game broadcasts along with pre- and post-game shows
    • 192,000 households in the NY DMA tuned in nightly during the 2017 season to watch SNY’s live Mets games

    Mets on SNY Live Streaming

    The 2017 Mets baseball season is off to an exciting start by offering fans a chance to watch the Mets on SNY at home and now on-the-go by simply downloading the app to start watching the SNY live stream on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. 



    • Sponsor’s commercial spots play during game inning breaks mirroring the TV format of :60/:90/:120 commercial breaks
      • :15 or :30 spots

    Adjacency (Companion Banner)

    • Sponsor’s banner delivered simultaneously with mid-roll
      • Display (728x90 & 300x250), Tablet (728x90), iPhone (300x50)

    Video On Demand

    • Sponsor’s commercial spots play at launch of SNY’s Video On Demand which hosts continuous rotation of game highlights and/or interviews
      • :15 or :30 spots

    Live Streaming Participating Sponsor

    Participating Sponsor Deliverables:



    • 25% SOV featured at launch of stream
    • :15 or :30 spots


    • 5% SOV to play during TV breaks
    • :15 or :30 spots


    • Stream Adjacencies to run simultaneously with mid-roll
    • Display (728x90 & 300x250),Tablet (728x90), iPhone (300x50)


    • 5% SOV to play at launch of Video On Demand continuous rotation of game highlights and/or interviews
    • :15 or :30 spots


    2017 Investment: $50,000  NET

    Live Streaming SOV Sponsor

    SOV Sponsor Deliverables:



    • 5% SOV to play during TV breaks
    • :15 or :30 spots


    • Stream Adjacencies to run simultaneously with mid-roll
    • Display (728x90 & 300x250 units)
    • Tablet (728x90)
    • iPhone (300x50)


    • 5% SOV to play at launch of Video On Demand continuous rotation of game highlights and/or interviews
    • :15 or :30 spots


    2017 Investment: $20,000 NET

    Digital Opportunities

    Home Page Takeover & ROS Banner Ad

    • Dominate Mets.com for an entire day with a custom branding takeover
    • Have rotational digital signage on Mets.com

    E-Mail Blasts

    • E-mail blasts sent out to Mets database of 500,000+ active users during the season to promote the partnership, Mets deals, sweepstakes, etc.

    Social Posts

    • Various social posts on Mets channels (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook) throughout the season to promote the partnership, Mets deals, sweepstakes, etc.


    Online sweepstakes that runs for 4-6 weeks both at Del Frisco's restaurant locations and online at Mets.com and awards four (4) lucky Mets fans a VIP experience at Citi Field courtesy of Del Frisco's

    Mets Radio

    The Mets and WCBS AM 880 offer a variety of :30 and :60 radio spots for pre-, in-, or post-game exposure on the new home of Mets Baseball

    Marquee Matchup

    The Mets are primed for an exciting 2019 season that includes a number of high profile matchups, including the Subway Series and visits from historic franchises like the Giants, Cubs, and Dodgers

    With the special marque matchup opportunity, you will choose 60 games to align your company with a passion point of the New York region

    Media Included:

    • Two (2) units per marquee game
      • One (1) :30 second unit during 60 Mets games of your choice (pre-in-post)
      • One (1) :15 second unit during 60 Mets games of your choice (pre-in-post)

    Net Investment: $60,000

    Two Weeks

    The Mets are primed for an exciting 2019 season that includes a number of high profile matchups! To help promote key window’s for XXX, you will have the chance to be showcased in an exclusive two week time frame with XXX front and center in one of the most iconic broadcasts in all of sports!

    Media Included:

    • Two (2) weeks/twelve (12) games
      • One (1) :15 second unit during every Mets game (pre-in-post)
      • Two (2) :30 second unit during every Mets game (pre-in-post)

    Net Investment: $20,000

    Post-Game Show

    In 2019, the Mets radio network will deliver massive reach within the New York market to the passionate Mets fan base

    The Mets Post-Game Show entitlement is a high-profile position capitalizing on the intensified media coverage, fan interest, large audiences, and local buzz associated with the New York Mets

    Media Included:

    • 2019 full season (June – September) entitlement of “Mets Post-Game Show”
      • Opening and closing entitlement billboards for every show
      • Four (4) live entitlement sponsor mentions with messaging per show during every show
      • Two (2) :30 second commercials per game during every game
      • One (1) :15 second commercial per game before every game
      • One (1) “Tune-In” promotion on WCBS airing every day prior to "Mets Post-Game Show"

    Hospitality Included:

    • TBD based on needs

    Net Investment: $175,000

    Investment Summary

    Term: X years

    Mets Investment: $X


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