Mets Sponsorship Opportunities

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Homeplate Rotational Signage

  • Highly TV-visible homeplate rotational signage
  • 1/2 inning per game

LED Takeover

  • 1/2 inning per game
  • Takeover of Upper and Lower LED ribbon boards
  • Animation capabilities

Highway-facing Marquee Board

Backstop Brick Branding

Bullpen Roof Branding

Right Field Sign

1st & 3rd Base Facade Doors

1st & 3rd Base Rotational Signage

Paneled rotational signage along the 1st and 3rd base lines

Concourse Signage

DIORAMAS: Back-lit ads strategically placed in high-traffic areas of Citi Field's concourses

ARENA MEDIA:  :30 spots and banner ads on 300+ TV screens in Citi Field's concourses, restaurants and suites

Tri-Vision Sign

Highway-facing Sign

Outfield Wall Sign

LF Foul Pole Sign

Short Form Content

Sharable content that can live on social outlets such as:

  • Citi Vision
  • SNY.TV
  • SNY broadcasts

Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

  • Pre-game tour of the stadium
  • On-field Batting Practice
  • Watch pre-game press conference
  • Player meet and greet
  • Have a catch in the bullpen
  • Ceremonial First Pitch
  • Photograph an inning from the camera well

Promotional Days

Sponsored promotional days with a supporting media plan

  • Promotional items (bobble heads, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Post-Game Concerts
  • Post-game Fireworks

Yearbook and Magazine Ads

Official Yearbook:  The Yearbook is an annual publication complete with photos and stories about the team's players and history.  

Mets Magazine (five issues per season): Mets Magazine, the gameday program, has current features and a scorecard. 

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Brand Recognition: GEICO

Objective: Increase brand exposure and number of Mets fans using GEICO


Solution: LED Branding, Homeplate Rotational Signage, Outfield Wall Sign, Light Tower Sign



  • 13 hours of TV exposure in 2016 ($23 million of media value)
    • Top 5 Outfield Wall Sign in MLB
  • Increase in Mets Fans using GEICO
    • 2009: 619,192

      2016: 1,189,534

      *92% increase

    • Mets attendees are 26% more likely to use GEICO as their auto insurance provider than the average New Yorker

Retail Promotion: King's Hawaiian


  • Drive sales at retail locations


  • Utilize Mets logos, consumer sweepstakes (throw first pitch) and employee sales contest (game tickets)


  • Among Mets fans from 2014 to 2015, King's Hawaiian experienced a:
    • 42% increase in penetration rate
    • 43% increase in buy rate
  • In 2015, Mets fans spent 43% more on King's Hawaiian products than the market average